Tweak a Week Weekly Guide to Nourishing Changes

My Nutrition Philosophy

Optimum health is achieved with a combination of activity and a nourishing diet, it doesn’t happen by accident. The human body needs to move and to eat food; by food I mean real food not food-like products. Eating should primarily be done in order to feed and nourish the body, provide it with the vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, macro and micro-nutrients. Much of what we eat today does not do this; it simply provides calories and fills the stomach. Processed foods are not easily digested by the body and do not provide adequate nutrition to satisfy it nutritionally, leaving the body longing for the nourishment it needs.

Making changes takes serious commitment and a will to change. Willpower will never win over the long term; eventually one will revert back to old, familiar, comforting habits. In order to really change it is important to understand the reasons why the change is necessary. Processed food is literally killing us as a society. The absence of whole food in the diet is at the root of most diseases and disorders. Even if eating a whole foods nourishing diet doesn’t cure a disease, it will certainly improve the symptoms and allow the person to feel better.

Baby steps are the best way to invoke real change. Taking on too much too soon will ensure failure. That is why this program will work; we will make one fairly small change a week and build upon it. Each week the participant will be provided with what the goals are for that week, a detailed explanation of why this food or habit is important to change, recipes, ideas and suggestions. There will also be a chart on which the participant can track the approximate number of servings of that week’s foods. It is recommended that you journal throughout this program, noting how you feel as well as what you eat. Great insight can be gained by keeping track of the food and drink you ingest and how it makes you feel.

Our mission is actually simple. It is to vastly increase the amount of real whole food you consume and drastically decrease processed and fake foods. Once you learn to prepare whole food and realize how truly delicious it is you will gradually lose your desire for the processed, sugary, salty, and fat-laden stuff we call food. Optimum health is the goal; living better, pain free and without fatigue.

Welcome to Tweak a Week!

Prepared by Leigh Pozas for Move to Improve, powered by Total Woman Fitness…

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