Teak a Week #2 - Rice

Brown Rice – All rice is not created equal! Processed white rice is highly processed, going through a milling and polishing process that causes a loss of 70-90% of its B vitamins, phosphorous, iron and manganese. Processed white rice has had its bran layer removed. Brown rice only has its outer hull removed and is a rice grain intact. Brown rice is unrefined and is the only choice for good health.

Nutrients and Health Benefits – Brown Rice is rich in phytonutrients such as ferulic acid which is a powerful anti-oxidant protecting against oxidative cellular damage, may control blood pressure, protect against kidney stones, and may also protect against certain cancers. Manganese and selenium are also anti-oxidants present in brown rice which protect cells from compounds that may promote cancer. Selenium helps maintain thyroid function and may protect against heart disease by protecting blood vessels. Manganese also relaxes nerves and promotes healthy blood vessels.

High dietary fiber promotes healthy bowel function and helps control blood sugar level. Like oats and quinoa it is also a source or the sleep-promoting tryptophan.

Spanish Brown Rice

1 Cup Brown Rice (I prefer Short Grain)

¼ Cup Avocado Oil or Coconut Oil

½ Onion Chopped finely (optional)

2 ¼ Cup Water

1 Cup Bone Broth (Organic or home-made is best) or Organic Vegetable or Chicken Broth

¼ - ½ Cup Tomato Sauce

1 Tbl Crushed Parsley

1. Put oil in a large Corning Ware type dish (one that can be used on the stove top and in oven) heat to medium heat.

2. Add optional onion and rice to dish, stir constantly until rice slightly browns

3. Pour water and broth in, stir and bring to a light boil, add tomato sauce and parsley. Boil for about 5 min

4. lace dish in 350 degree oven and cook apx 45 minutes or until fluid is absorbed and rice is done

Types of Brown Rice – Rice may be long, medium or short grain. Short grain will be starchier and have a sticky texture. Long grain is less starchy and lighter. Medium falls somewhere in between.

Basmati – aromatic with a nut-like fragrance. It is delicate and light in flavor. Opt for Brown, unrefined over refined white, as with all the rice varieties that follow.

Jasmine – long grain with a soft texture

Bhutanese – red colored with a nutty taste

Forbidden, or Black - black colored that turns purple when cooked. It has a sweet taste and sticky texture

Wild Rice – is actually not a true rice. It is the seed of a grass and is good to mix with brown rice

Rinse rice before cooking to remove any dirt or debris. Use an approximate ratio of 2-1 water to rice for short grain and 2 ½ -1 for long grain. Rice can be cooked with a healthy broth to add flavor and various healthy spices may be added. For a complete protein dish combine rice with beans or legumes. They are often served together in all cultures because together they make a complete protein source.

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