Cleaning up our Toxic Overload

I will post a series of blogs based on cleaning up our toxic overload. This one is an overview on what toxicity is and what it does to you. Look forward to many interesting blogs on ways to handle the toxicity around us and to clean up your system.

What is a toxic overload and what does it mean to you?

The world we live in is filled with toxins. Below I have listed just a few, but the list is long and the damage they cause is very real.

Environmental Toxins: Bad air quality, Cleaning products, Fire retardants, Synthetics, Chlorine and fluoride in the water, Skin care products, Make-up, Heavy metals like mercury, lead, and petrochemicals, molds, and environmental allergies

Food Related Toxins: Sugar, Processed foods, Preservatives, Artificial colors, Pesticides, Chemicals and Fake foods or Food-like products, refined wheat and food allergies, Bad Fat, and likely Gluten sensitivity

Personal Toxins: Stress, Negative thinking, Lack of sleep, Lack of activity, Isolation, hostility, Mercury fillings (amalgams), Medications, Poor gut health, Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast

Our bodies are only able to take a certain amount of these toxins, our total acceptable load. After that we go into overload and start displaying symptoms including: Fatigue, Muscle Aches, Skin Problems, Headaches, Sinus problems, Joint Pain or Arthritis, Bloating and Gas, Heartburn, Food Cravings, Canker Sores, Acne, Bad Breath, Diarrhea or Constipation, Brain Fog, Trouble controlling weight, Water retention, Under Eye Circles, and the list goes on………..

Think of our total acceptable load and the overload like a barrel of water with a hose in it that just drips. It can take a long time to fill up the barrel with just the water dripping. When it gets to the top and looks like it is about to spill over, it keeps accepting a few more drips, but then there is that one drip too many and suddenly the water goes spilling over. The barrel (the body) gets full and can’t take it anymore. The barrel spills over, but our bodies start to attack itself and disease is formed. This can manifest in different ways in each of us depending on our genomic make-up. But it can lead to all of the Autoimmune Diseases, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADD or ADHD, Depression, Cancer, Insomnia and even PMS and other hormonal symptoms.

We are estimated to be exposed to 6 Million pounds of Mercury per year and 2.5 BILLION other toxic chemicals. The average newborn baby has been shown to have 287 KNOWN Toxins in the umbilical cord blood. We are born with the water dripping into the barrel.

What do we do? How do we get rid of this waste? If waste builds up we get sick, so we must eliminate as much of this toxic waste as possible.

We eliminate waste through many avenues, including the Breath, Skin, Urine and Feces, and the Liver and Lymphatic System.

Today we will focus on the Breath. Learn to breathe through the nose. The little hairs in the nose serve as filters to help clean up the air you are breathing. When we breathe through the nose we actually get an appropriate amount of oxygen. When we mouth breathe we tend to "over-breathe". The air that is gulped in through the mouth is not filtered and tends to be more than the body can handle, therefore it is not used properly. It takes practice. Focus on breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth any chance you get. You will get better at it!

When you are doing strength training, exhale through the mouth on the exertion and in through the nose on the release or negative phase. For example, if you are lying down doing a chest press with a bar or weights breathe out as you press up, and inhale as you bring the arms back down.

This is just the first step towards cleaning up the toxic overload! Take a deep breath and get ready to learn more!

Leigh Pozas Total Woman/FitZone 661-325-0208

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