Clean up Toxic Overload with Lemon/Ginger Water

In my first Detox Bog I talked about how we are bombarded with toxins from everywhere. What we eat, what we breathe, even what we think (stress). I hope you are practicing the breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth technique for detoxing.

Another really easy and favorite detox trick of mine is to drink lemon/ginger water. Start your day with either warm or room temperature water with lemon and ginger. Everyone has their own favorite way of incorporating this. I simply slice a piece of lemon and give it a slight squeeze into a glass of filtered water. Then I slice a piece of ginger root, score it a few times with a knife and put in the water with lemon. I keep the lemon and ginger in the glass and refill all day. Using a portable glass with a lid is helpful.

This simple technique keeps me from drinking other sugary, less healthy drinks, keeps me hydrated and infuses the good nutrients from the lemon and ginger all day.

There are other ways to incorporate the lemon and ginger root. You can grate the ginger and squeeze the lemon into water. I personally don't love the taste or texture that way, so I leave them whole. Juicing the lemon and ginger then freezing into small ice cube trays is great also. Then just take a cube each day and put it in your water.

Some have told me they prefer a ginger/lemon tea, or a ginger tea that they add a slice of lemon to. Be creative, but try it!

Are wondering why lemon and ginger? Can I substitute lime, orange, or anything else?

Yes, you can substitute or add any healthy citrus, berries, spice, or vegetable you like. But keeping it simple seems to work well for most people.

Lemons are extremely high in antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin C, potassium, copper, magnesium, vitamin B6, folate, thiamine, copper and vitamin E. They are very healing for the body and all of its systems.

Our bodies do not make vitamin C so we have to get it from outside sources. Vitamin C is important for proper functioning of our immune system. It stimulates white blood cell production and protects the cells from oxidative damage (i.e. ANTI-oxidant!) Since vitamin C helps fight off those nasty free-radicals that wreak havoc on your body they help keep the skin healthy and fresh. Oxidation is actually the process of aging, so the antioxidants help slow down aging!

Lemons also help with digestion and removing toxins from the body by triggering the liver to produce bile. This helps to "keep things moving smoothly"! They also stimulate the liver and help to flush out toxins, as well as act as a mild diuretic which helps keep the urinary tract clean!

GINGER is very anti-inflammatory and inflammation is what drives most of our disorders, aches, pains, illness, and more. There are more studies than you would want me to site that credit ginger root with reducing pain, which is due to the reduction in inflammation (GI Trak). It is a powerful prebiotic. Prebiotics are plant-based fiber that stimulate the growth of GOOD bacteria in the gut. The pave the way for probiotics to do their thing! It has been known and used for centuries to fight nausea and bloating.

There are many other healthy additions you can put in your lemon/ginger water. I will discuss some of these in detail in further blogs. But they include cayenne pepper, turmeric, black pepper, lime, cucumber, other citruses such as lime, orange, or grapefruit.

But in the interest of keeping it simple, TRY THE LEMON GINGER WATER!

Leigh Pozas

Total Woman FitZone


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