Cleaning up your Toxic Overload-BONE BROTH

Its funny, I wrote this article a couple of years ago. I have been making my own bone broth for years and whenever possible cook meat and poultry on the bone. Since the time I wrote this Bone Broth has become available in a powder that can be used to cook with, or added to smoothies and shakes. So whether you make your bone broth, or buy it in a powder, it is a great thing to add to your healthy living habits.

When we think of clean eating often people relate being a vegetarian or vegan with optimum health. While for some people that may be the case, for most it is not. The trick is eating healthy animal products; those raised responsibly without hormones and antibiotics or not fed products the animals were never meant to eat. We are not only a product of what we eat; we are a product of what our food eats. Buying high quality beef, lamb, chicken, or seafood is well worth the money.

Bone broth has been used since ancient times and was revered for its health benefits. In modern times we became afraid of saturated fat and the skin and fat of the animal were seen as evil for the health. Conveniences lead us to buy and cook fileted meat and boneless and skinless chicken. Dark meat also became a victim of the fear of fat.

The truth is that cooking the meat on the bone provides much more health benefits that the fileted and skinless cuts we eat. In traditional cooking the meat was cooked on the bone and the bones and organs were boiled down and made into broth or soup. This is how chicken soup became to be known for healing. The modern canned version of chicken soup is not even close to the same.

In order to get the benefits of the collagen, glutamine, proline, glycine and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, silicon, sulfur and more the bones need to be simmered slowly. They also contain chondroitin and glucosamine which are sold as expensive supplements. It is full of amino acids that the body needs for growth and repair. Broth can be made in a slow cooker and although it seems like quite a process it is actually quite easy.

Bone broth is very effective in promoting optimum health. These are a few of the health claims related to bone broth:

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Improve immune system

  • Improve joint health

  • Treat leaky gut

  • Reduce allergies

  • Help overcome food allergies

  • Improve digestion

  • Relieve arthritis

  • Improve respiratory health

  • Good for Gut health and healthy gut bacteria

  • Improves health of skin

  • Helps the body detoxify

  • Helps build and repair muscle tissue and bone health

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