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August 16, 2017

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What's your PH & how you can balance it ?

August 9, 2017

What is pH balance and why does it matter?

pH is literally the “potential of Hydrogen”.  It is the acid to alkaline ratio existing in all matter, including your body.  The measurement of your body’s pH is a benchmark to your health.


The acidity or alkalinity of the body has a great impact on health.  The body will do whatever it needs to maintain an alkaline state.  It will take calcium from you bones and teeth and magnesium from the muscles to neutralize too much acid.  The body cannot live in an acidic state so it will do whatever it needs to do to alkalize.  An overly acidic body will lead to a host of diseases including but not limited to osteoporosis, kidney stones, and tooth decay.  Many other inflammatory diseases like arthritis, lupus, MS, or cancer.


The Body is Alkaline by design and Acid by function.


We live and die at the cellular level.  The cells need to live in an alkaline environment, but they produce acid as they function.  Acid must be either neutralized or eliminated.  Acid produced by the cells is naturally eliminated through the lungs, urine, or feces.  But the acid from foods is more difficult to handle.  It must be eliminated through the kidneys.  The body can only handle so much acid before it starts to have serious effects on your health.  This state is called acidosis.  Acidosis is TOXIC!


How do I achieve a more Alkaline state?

Simply put, eat more fruits and vegetables!

It is recommended that at LEAST 75% of your diet come from fruits and vegetables and LESS than 25% from high-protein meat, dairy, and grain products.  Some sources quote closer to 80%/20%.

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