Give Change a Chance!

What to do, how to change? First we need to change one step at a time. The ultimate goal is 75% alkaline forming foods and 25% acid forming. (80/20 is even better!)

In the end the breakdown should be even more specific including more raw food choices.

45% cooked fruits and vegetables

30% raw fruits and vegetables

25% grains, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, poultry

Here are some steps to take:

1. Increase the amount of cooked vegetables every day. For many just adding one vegetable will be dramatically helpful.

2. Reduce the amount of protein (animal) foods each day. Smaller portions of beef, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy while continuing to increase the amount of cooked vegetables

3. Cook vegetables less and include one serving of raw vegetables and/or fruit per day

4. Reduce your intake of salt, coffee, tea, cola drinks, sugar and processed food (including salad dressings and condiments)

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