Fear of Cooking?

I love this quote by Joseph Campbell. Often is is fear of the unknown that holds us back.

So many people are say they can't cook, but the truth is ANYONE can. We just have to get over the fear of messing it up! If we mess up, just throw it away and try again.

I think of cooking like art. And at first when you look at that blank canvas it is scary to put a mark on it. But once you make that first mark and the canvass is "messed up" you just go for it and however it turns out, it is ART!

Recipes are just guides when it comes to cooking that is what they are meant to be guides to help cross over from that fear of the unknown. When you get comfortable get a little creative with the recipes yourself. Add other herbs, spices, or vegetables and make it your own. If that scares you, stick to the script!!!

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