Oodles of Noodles-Veggie Noodles vs Pasta

I hope you enjoyed the veggie noodles with your marinara. It is so ingrained (pun!) in us to have our sauces over pasta that we think we love pasta. I often hear from people that they couldn't give up their "pasta". But I wonder how many really couldn't give up a bowl of just pasta? It is really about what is on the pasta that makes pasta seem so good.

Pasta is just a delivery source for delicious sauces. It is a vehicle that is used to absorb what we put on it so that we don't eat a bowl of Marinara or Alfredo! Pasta alone is not so appetizing. That's were veggie noodles or Zoodles come in. They are a great way to have a "vehicle" for the sauces and still be healthy and filling. Make them even more delicious by adding various herbs and spices, onions, garlic, peppers, etc. and you can eat 'til your heart's content!!

There are spiralizers for all budgets. I recently bought the Veggie Bullet and love it, but it is pricey and takes a little room. There are hand held models and counter top manual versions that work very well.

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