Live It, Not Diet!

What makes you fat? What makes you burn fat? What makes you burn sugar? The same thing that makes your fat cell fat makes your body fat and what we refer to as carbs drive insulin production which drives fat to be stored in the fat cell. When I refer to carbs from here on out I am NOT referring to the carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables, rather the carbs in breads, pastas, sugars, and processed foods.

We have two sources that we can use for energy. We can burn fat or sugar; which one would you rather burn? I think the answer is obvious, but most of us burn sugar for energy and we have taught our bodies to do this. Sugar is not meant to be used as the main source of energy for the body, it burns fast and it burns dirty. If it were we would store sugar in higher quantities. We only store enough sugar, in the form of glycogen, in the body for 30-60 minutes of intense activity. It is meant to be burned in the event of an emergency. Using sugar for fuel is not efficient and creates the formation of dangerous free-radicals. When the body perceives an emergency and chooses to use sugar for fuel it isn’t important that the byproducts of this process are damaging, it is more important to get the body out of trouble than to worry about the oxidative damage that it will cause. Sugar burning causes high blood sugar levels which in turn alter our proteins, causing glycation damage to tissues. This causes aging and appears as brown spots on the outside which is a sure indicator of damage on the inside.

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