When the trained to burn sugar for energy it will ignore fat and wait for sugar. Therefore fat begins to be stored and is not used for energy. What happens when we sleep and we are not supplying the sugar it needs? In order to produce its own sugar the body will breakdown muscle and bone causing aging, osteoporosis among other damage.

When the body uses fat for fuel it is much more efficient. Burning fat as a fuel source produces more energy and free-radical production is far less. Fat burns clean and slow, unlike sugar which burns fast and dirty. Think of sugar as rocket fuel, and fat as gasoline. There is no need to put rocket fuel in your car in order to drive around town, gasoline will burn cleaner and be efficient. Our bodies do not need to run on rocket fuel.

The fat that is used for fuel can come from dietary fat or stored fat. Therefore, when sleeping the body can rely on stored fat and not deplete the muscles and bones in order to make its own sugar. And who wouldn’t prefer to use stored fat as fuel? When the body is a sugar burner, it needs to be replenished often or the person will become hungry, tired, and irritable, have brain fog, mood swings, and headaches or crave sugar or carbs. The sugar burner becomes a slave to an eating schedule, usually every two hours. We often refer to this condition as being hpyo-glycemic.

There are three Macronutrients in our diet, (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) the create our “metabolic fire”. Of these consider carbs the “metabolic kindling”. Pretend you are on Naked and Afraid in Alaska. Having a fire is vital for survival. (You have more supplies than they give you on the show) Grains, even whole grains, brown rice, and beans are the twigs, white rice, cereal, pasta, bread and white potatoes are the paper, and sodas and alcoholic beverages are the gasoline. These kindling items will burn quickly and

easily and will need to be constantly attended to or you will freeze to death. It becomes your full time job to keep that fire going by constantly adding more twigs, paper, or gasoline. You can’t do anything else, even sleep for very long because you have to attend to the fire.

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