Calories in, Calories out!

The old theory of Energy Balance or “Calories in – Calories out” simply doesn’t work. While calories do matter, it is not just the Quantity of the Calories, but the Quality of the Calories that really count. The way the body uses calories from different sources completely differently.

High Carb intake increases the hormones leptin and insulin which prevents fat from being released from the cells. Fructose actually turns off your body’s appetite control system by not suppressing the “hunger hormone”, ghrelin and not stimulating the “satiety hormone”, leptin therefore continuing to feel hungry even after eating. This leads to overeating leading to insulin resistance and possibly to diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases.

The resulting equation is simple: fructose and dietary carbohydrates (grains, which break down into sugar) lead to excess body fat, obesity, and related health issues. Furthermore, no amount of exercise can compensate for this damage because if you eat excessive fructose and grains – ……………….it will activate programming to cause your body to become, and remain fat”

Dr. Mercola

The carbs we are referring to are NOT from vegetables! There are significant carbs in vegetables and those are the ones we want to eat. When you cut the sugar/grain carbs out you need to vastly increase the good vegetables in your diet, as well as healthy fats.

If you are a sugar burner you may want to spend at least the first month avoiding all sugar and refined carbs like the plague. That may even mean fruit for this introductory period. You need to reprogram your body to use fat as its primary fuel source. After you have reprogrammed your system then add in healthy whole fruits.

What fats to eat and what fats to avoid.

Getting enough healthy fat in the diet is imperative in order to avoid the symptoms of being a sugar burner, but it is very important that you get good fats.

Any food in its whole form is better than when it is separated or refined in any way. That means that it is better to get your fat from the actual nuts, seeds, avocados, and meats and eggs than from their oils or broken down products.

Incorporate Olives, Coconuts, Avocados, Raw Nuts and Seeds. If you are not a vegetarian then choose Organic, responsibly raised beef, chicken, fish and seafood. For cooking use coconut or avocado oil, but limit oil when cooking when possible.

Wild Salmon is a completely different food than farmed. Avoid farmed salmon and opt for wild. Eggs are a wonder food as a whole, that means eat the yolk!

Choose from a wide variety of Vegetables, but limiting the starchier ones like white potatoes. Fill up on green leafy vegetables, cruciferous, squash & zucchini, mushrooms, onions, garlic, peppers, green beans, and more.

Adequate protein is important for nutrition and satiety as well. Combining protein, fat, and carbs from vegetables are the perfect health combination. Protein is most widely associated with animal products, but there is protein in vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits as well. For non-vegetarians eating organic animal products is best, but still should be limited to portions about the size of your palm. Hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and most nuts are great sources of plant protein.

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