Nourishing Thoughts

  • Eat REAL food, not Food-like products. Avoid processed foods whenever possible and eat fresh

  • FRESH – Food Really is Easy & Simple Healthy

  • Don’t be fooled by marketing, advertising, and labels

  • Don’t believe anything, especially health claims on the front of a label

  • Fat content should be less than 20% of calories when eating anything with a label

  • Should avoid Hydrogenated anything

  • Sodium ratio should be no more than 1:1 with calories

  • Sugar is the Devil. It is addicting and causes enormous damage to the body

  • Try to limit sugar content to less than 10g per serving, unless it is pure fruit source

  • Remember that sugar is usually broken up into different sources in the ingredient list and watch for evaporated sugars which decrease their weight but not the amount

  • Strive to eat more alkaline forming foods, i.e. vegetables and fruits so the body doesn’t have to work so hard to neutralize acid

  • Start the day off with a blended smoothie or drink if possible made with fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Eat fruit early in the day and eat it first instead of last when possible

  • Eat raw fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds rather than cooked more often

  • Chew your food thoroughly so that you start the digestion and absorption process in your mouth

  • Don’t stress over how much protein you need. Estimate the number of grams to be ½ your body weight or about 10% of calories

  • Carbohydrates include fruits and vegetables! Avoid white, processed products like breads, pastries, pasta and white rice and opt for whole wheat options or sprouted

  • 3g per 100 calories of fiber is a good indication of a healthy grain product

  • What you eat definitely affects your health and longevity, what you put in your body is very important

  • You can be over-fed and under-nourished which leaves you hungry and your body craving the nourishment it needs

  • A calorie is not a calorie. 3500 calories = 1 pound in the lab, but how your body processes different calories makes a difference. It can extract the nutrients and excrete the excess from real, healthy, fresh food, and it will hold on to calories from junk and store as fat

  • Don’t be afraid of healthy fat i.e. avocados, nuts, olives, etc.

  • Olive Oil is best used raw, and extra virgin is best

  • Cooking with oil should be limited, but Coconut or Avocado Oil are two of the best to cook with. Another option is to use broth to simmer with instead of oil

  • It is not as important WHERE you shop as it is HOW you shop

  • Buy fresh when possible, then frozen, followed by canned

  • Opt for wild fish and free range chicken and grass fed meat

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