The Art of Mediation

Meditation can be done in many ways and the key is finding what works for you.

  • There are apps and CD’s available for guided meditation

  • Playing soft relaxing music and letting the mind relax is a great way to delve into meditation

  • Find a place to make your own peaceful place by placing a comfortable pillow and special objects that relax you

  • Set a timer so that you can relax and not wonder how long it has been

  • Concentrate on the breath, breathing slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth with barely parted lips

  • Think of the eyelids as a blank screen

The term “meditation” can be intimidating. But start slow with simply relaxing the mind for a few minutes and let it grow as you get used to it. We are in such a fast paced world and very rarely take a moment to slow down. Just find a few minutes in your day to slow it down, breathe and think positive thoughts and you will feel mentally and physically better.

I personally like to turn on slow, beautiful music that makes me feel good and just close my eyes and focus on my breath and let my brain wander. On Friday mornings I teach a Yoga on GRAVITY class that ends in 5 minutes of “meditation”. Everyone feels relaxed and ready to take on the day after this simple 5 minutes breathing and listening to beautiful music.

Try it, your body will thank you!

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