Toxic Overload Gut Health & Probiotics

We think of bacteria as a bad thing, related to disease. But in reality our body is made up of over 100 TRILLION bacteria. There is about 10 times the number of bacteria in the body than cells! Some of these bacteria (bugs) are good and some are bad. Ideally we have about an 85/15 ratio of good to bad. Maintaining this ratio is very important for the health of the body. The gut, or the microbiome, is where we house these good bacteria. Gut health is directly related to overall health, in fact you should think of the gut as a second brain.

Think of the old saying, “I have a gut feeling”, or how we often feel sick to our stomach when we are upset or emotionally hurt. Your gut actually originates from the same tissue as your brain. The gut and the brain work together therefore, gut health is essential for mental health.

The toxic environment that we live in is deadly for the good bacteria and helps the bad bacteria proliferate. The following is a list of factors that affect the health of the microbiome:

Sugar, Processed foods, Refined Grains, Antibiotics, Pollution, Chemicals, Pesticides, Chlorinated and Fluorinated Water, Antibacterial Soaps and Hand Sanitizers, Pollution, Pharmaceuticals, Stress and Anxiety

Probiotics and Fermented Foods help restore and maintain the healthy bacteria. Probiotics have over 30 pharma logical benefits, including Anti-Everything Good!:

Anti-bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-infective, Anti-viral, Anti-allergenic, Antidepressive, Antifungal, Antioxidant, Ant-proliferative

They also improve immunity, cardio-respiratory health, gastrointestinal health, improve cellular self-destruction (Apoptotic), protective of radio- and chemo, protect against age-related disease and much more.

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