Properly nourishing the body and allowing for digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is vital to good and long lasting health. Below are some thoughts on using traditional nutritional wisdom to carry the body through life healthy and vibrant:

  1. Eat Real Food. Go back to eating from the garden and the range.

  2. Eat organic whenever possible and avoid GMOs. This applies to fruits and vegetables as well as animal products. Toxins are stored in the fat of the animal and traditionally raised animals have much higher levels of toxins in their fat.

  3. When eating animal products think of eating “nose to tail”. Consider cooking meats on the bone and with the skin. The nutrients from the bone are healing and life-giving.

  4. Think of animal products as a condiment or side dish and make fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds the majority of your diet.

  5. Eat both raw and cooked vegetables. Fruit should be eaten raw for best nutrient absorption.

  6. Eat nuts and seeds raw or lightly roasted in your own oven without a lot of salt

  7. Drink filtered water and drink a lot. Choose water over other beverages. Ideally get half your body weight in water each day. To boost its power add a slice of lemon and/or ginger root.

  8. Use a wide variety of herbs and spices both in cooking and raw. The pack a punch in boosting health, immunity, energy, vitality, while adding flavor to everything.

  9. Avoid processed food and sugar. Remember that refined carbohydrates, i.e. bread, pasta, etc. becomes sugar when you eat it.

  10. Chew your food well, shoot for 50 chews per mouthful. Chewing, or masticating your food releases your own digestive enzymes and thus increases the nutrient absorption. What good is eating great food when you don’t digest or absorb the nutrients?

  11. Eat when you are hungry and give your body time to cleanse its self by leaving some time between meals. When you graze all day the body is constantly working and does not have time to heal itself or cleanse properly. Try to have a 12 hour period where you “fast” each day. If you eat dinner at 7:00 try not to eat again until 7:00am.

The above tips will help your body to do the work nature intended. We will spend more time next week on the virtues of cooking on the bone and going a little further by making or using bone broth.

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